July 10, 2019

New engine, new hosting

For a good number of years I kept alive a Wordpress blog that I didn't update too much. I didn't really like the way it works, and not being a PHP programmer made the whole process a bit hairy for my likeness. I have no clue of what was going on with it, or how the plugins worked, or what to do for real if something went wrong.

The end result was that unless I was specially interested in something, I just ignored the blog.

When development started around Ghost I was starting my move from .NET to other technologies, and NodeJS was one of them. I got interested on it, but my existing hosting didn't have Node as an option, then I stayed with Wordpress.

Many times I thought about creating some Docker images and running it there, but I never managed to have the time to do it until now.

I have been using AWS and OVH for running my products and experiments, and finally I prepared a set of scripts to deploy and run these containers and make the process simple enough to believe that I will be able to maintain the sites without it being a burden.

Importing the content of my previous posts was simple, I got a plugin for Wordpress and then imported it in Ghost 1, after it I ran a Ghost 2 container poiting to the same data and all worked without problems. the code snippets look funny, the images are not there, but I am not too concerned about that for the time being.