April 10, 2014


in every application now I have at least some logging going on, and if I don’t I am missing it. But having servers distributed around, getting details from the logs is a lot more difficult than when the whole application lived in a single server/directory.

There are services on the Internet now (I friend interviewed with some guys coming out of UCD, just a couple of kilometers from home), and some others like New Relic are going further ahead and giving you profiling details too. But I am not that eager to go with Internet services.

The option then is to deploy my own, or to use an existing package. I tried collecting my own details, but in the end it look too laborious, and I am not getting that much value from the extra effort.

From searching on the Internet one of the candidates is Logstash. It combines logging with ElasticSearch, I tool that I tried briefly and really liked, then I decided to give it a go. One of my colleagues at Ngramatic tried it, but bombed soon after following the tutorial, then we left it aside.

Now, at home, is time to try it. The first step is to make a Vagrant machine for deployment, to follow the tutorial.