March 29, 2014

Another day pushing the product ahead

Once again I am breaking the rule of leaving the day work project for the day, because I am trying to deploy it in AWS before Monday.

From the fact that I didn’t take the time to do deployment earlier, I am paying with the extra weight now of making sure it works properly, and that I can deploy it again and be reasonably sure it works. It has no surprises, I did the job before, but it still consumes a good amount of time. I am making extra checks for connectivity, configuring ports, addressing security issues, and after all that the program is still off the real world and just running inside the work network. But, as the story goes, it could have been worse.

While I am waiting for the scripts to run, I started reading Rework, from the guys at 37signals. My friend Magoo mentioned it a few days ago and I usually follow his recommendations. I didn’t find it irreverent, but my communication style is probably rougher than my friend’s. And a lot of the recommendations from the book resonate very well with my current line of thinking (the ‘a month’s evenings‘ theme looks like taken from the first few chapters of the book). It is very easy reading, and valuable as well.